Managing calendar invites from the mailing lists

John Mertic

ASWF community members,

As many of you know, you can access a full calendar of ASWF meetings at, which is a great way to find meetings and events happening within the community. LF staff, TAC, and TSC leads keep this calendar up to date ( with TSC leads cross posting TSC meetings to the TAC lists for wider visibility ).

This can naturally lead to multiple meeting invites on you calendar that may or not be of interest. To help alleviate this, you can use the muting function built into to have messages with various hashtags ignored. We've hashtagged meeting invites as follows, and you go to to ignore ones that aren't of interest.

#cal-invite - This would mute all invites to meetings
#ci-working - CI working group
#opencue-tsc - OpenCue TSC
#ocio-tsc - OpenColorIO TSC
#openexr-tsc - OpenEXR TSC
#openvdb-tsc - OpenVDB TSC

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

John Mertic
Director of Program Management - Linux Foundation
ASWF, ODPi, and Open Mainframe Project
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