ASWF News Today & Sizzle Reel

Emily Olin

The ASWF celebrates its first anniversary this week! A huge thanks to the entire community for all of your support and contributions.
We had a few announcements today, and we'd appreciate if you can help us spread the news via social media:
  • Netflix, Amazon Web Services, Rodeo FX, and MovieLabs have joined the Foundation. You can read the announcements here and here.
  • Pixar's OpenTimelineIO becomes the fifth project hosted at the Foundation. The announcement is here.
  • The debut of the new ASWF Sizzle Reel!  
Also, for those of you at SIGGRAPH, don't forget to come by Open Source Day tomorrow at the JW Marriott, Diamond Ballroom 7-10. It kicks off at 8:00 am with the Academy Software Foundation BoF (breakfast provided), followed by a full day of BoFs on OpenVDB, OpenCue, OpenEXR, Rez, OpenTimelineIO, ACES, OpenColorIO, Open Shading Language, and MaterialX.  We'll have lots of swag onsite. Hope to see you there!

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