Announcing the ASWF Landscape

John Mertic

ASWF Community,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the ASWF Landscape ( ), which is an resource that showcases the vast ecosystem of open source that powers the visual effects and animation industries. Read more details on the announcement at

We invite the entire community to participate in the sustainability of this resource, namely by…
  • Reviewing the existing entries for accuracy, including to ensure entries are pointing to the correct GitHub repository and organization.
  • Submit projects we are missing to be included.
  • Share the landscape with others! You can include the landscape in presentations or promotion of your project ( both png and pdf versions are available ).
Big thanks to the project team which was the original data source for the landscape, along with Larry Gritz and Jean-Francois Panisset who both have spent many cycles on the curation and categorization of projects.

Thank you,

John Mertic
Director of Program Management - Linux Foundation
ASWF, ODPi, and Open Mainframe Project
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