Re: Announcing the ASWF Landscape

Bob Friesenhahn

On Thu, 3 Oct 2019, Rob Bredow wrote:

One of the requirements for this list (to keep it from becoming an index of
all open source software) is that the project is specifically developed for
or targeted at the motion picture/Entertainment industry. Do you think
GraphicsMagick meets that requirement? It feels more general purpose to me
but I could be wrong.
It is indeed general purpose, but does include features to support file-per-frame type work given some other software providing direction:

At various times I have been informed of films which have been processed in some way using GraphicsMagick. The most recent I have been informed of was Fritz Lang's "The Complete Metropolis" (2010) restoration work. I was also told that the frames from Christopher Reeve's "Everyone's Hero" (2006) went through it for some reason.

I noticed that ImageMagick is already included and GraphicsMagick plays a similar role. The DPX and Kodak Cineon support in GraphicsMagick is completely my own work.

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