Re: Open source applications as a reference platform

Scott Petrovic

The goals for the ASWF will eventually need to be more concrete to help clear some of the confusion going on now. I am having a difficult time trying to understand who ASWF is trying to assist with opening up to open source projects.

I am sure there are certain projects and libraries the ASWF has in mind at first. I imagine they are also open to other projects or ideas as this idea matures. If I was starting a new foundation and wanted to see the VFX open source community grow, I would take an inventory on where some open source projects are with questions like:
  • how many people are in their core team
  • how much funding do they currently receive to pay for things like hosting and developers
  • how do they manage their project (repositories, CI, web hosting, bandwidth for downloads)
  • how much time do they spend a month improving the their library/applciation
  • what are the biggest issues they see from keeping their project going or expanding it
I am sure many of the applications that are focused on VFX users would be open to discuss and potentially collaborate. Most of them have mailing lists and use IRC for real-time communication.

I am one of the developers for Krita and would be open for any discussion or brainstorming that might need to happen
Scott Petrovic 

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