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Larry Gritz

I'm not speaking officially for ASWF here, though I was involved in the planning so I think I have a good feel for what it's trying to do.

The org's priority is about helping the projects that are developed in, by, and for the film industry specifically. The three "test projects" for the CI infrastructure (OpenEXR, OpenVDB, OpenColorIO) are exemplary of the scope of what the org is trying to do -- all were developed inside VFX studios, are critical technologies used ubiquitously in VFX (both at the studios and embedded in all the major commercial software vendors making apps for VFX), have limited use outside the industry, and have very small and precarious development communities (who are also totally within the VFX industry and have day jobs that sometimes keep their attention away from the software). The industry *needs* to take proactive steps to make sure those packages don't starve for development resources or proper governance, because those projects failing will really, directly, hurt us. The top priority for the first few years and batches of projects, is to directly address issues in those kinds of projects.

A package with a large, active development community, existing momentum, and a center-of-gravity of users and mission that is outside professional film production, isn't really within the primary mission of the new org, and doesn't particularly need our help. Projects like Gimp or Blender (excellent though they may be) aren't the reason why ASWF was created. Not that they couldn't be involved, depending on how the projects and the org evolve over time, but definitely not among the critical priorities that need to be addressed right away.

On Aug 16, 2018, at 2:57 PM, Scott Petrovic <scottpetrovic@...> wrote:

The goals for the ASWF will eventually need to be more concrete to help clear some of the confusion going on now. I am having a difficult time trying to understand who ASWF is trying to assist with opening up to open source projects.

I am sure there are certain projects and libraries the ASWF has in mind at first. I imagine they are also open to other projects or ideas as this idea matures. If I was starting a new foundation and wanted to see the VFX open source community grow, I would take an inventory on where some open source projects are with questions like:
  • how many people are in their core team
  • how much funding do they currently receive to pay for things like hosting and developers
  • how do they manage their project (repositories, CI, web hosting, bandwidth for downloads)
  • how much time do they spend a month improving the their library/applciation
  • what are the biggest issues they see from keeping their project going or expanding it
I am sure many of the applications that are focused on VFX users would be open to discuss and potentially collaborate. Most of them have mailing lists and use IRC for real-time communication.

I am one of the developers for Krita and would be open for any discussion or brainstorming that might need to happen
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