Re: Open source applications as a reference platform

Scott Petrovic

Thanks for all the clarifications. That makes sense with the way you are describing it.  It would probably be a good idea to eventually update the marketing website to do a better job communicating these points. Looking at the website now, I can see why a lot of people are confused. A few ideas for improvements are the following:

1. Communicate strongly the words VFX. I think just saying open source software is not specific enough.
2. This organization is focused on libraries and technologies that are very specific and internal to the VFX industry.  
3. Many of Larry's points are great and this spirit needs to be carried through to the website and who the audience is:
  •  Technology that is:
    • developed inside VFX studios
    • are critical technologies found everywhere in VFX applications
    • have limited use outside the VFX industry
    • have very small and precarious development communities

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