Collaboration Tools

Sean Cooper


I'm on the development team for OpenColorIO, and would like to raise the conversation around project communication platforms. Quickly looking at the Collaboration Tools list for ASWF I see the usual options of Mailing Lists and Issue Tracking. However, OCIO has greatly benefited by having real-time communication through a Slack group which promotes candid responses from maintainers and community members instead of long essays like this. I believe this fosters a greater feeling of participation and community which was very helpful in re-kindling development with the project.

I'm am definitely not a proponent of Slack. In fact, I really dislike it and am starting the conversation with our community on switching to an alternative. When/if OpenColorIO is moved under the care of the ASWF, I would like to see a real-time communication platform promoted. At the moment the best option which I have yet to use in practice is Zulip (

The features they offer seem to be a substantial gain over Slack or alternatives.
  • Apache 2.0 Licensed
  • Free hosting for OSS (maybe ASWF hosts a server)
  • Join without invitation
  • Permalink to conversations
  • Github issue links e.g. #1234
  • Github/Jenkins/TravisCI integrations
  • Proper nested conversations (thank goodness)
  • Public archival coming soon apparently
In summary, real-time communication with asynchronous participation is vital to project success. With the declining use of email-lists ( I'd love to see an option promoted and used across ASWF projects.

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