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Rob Bredow

Thank you for your interest. Great questions.

1) No, or at least not yet. The VES is doing an excellent job running the VFX Platform and there are a number of other projects that the group has discussed which seem much higher priority to be adopted by the ASWF. Projects like OpenEXR, OpenVDB, OCIO are under active discussion for early adoption. That said, there is a lot of overlap between VES Technology Committee members and ASWF members and the door is open for any collaboration that makes sense for sure. But right now, I personally am just happy both projects are moving forward and staying in close communication with each other. For example, the build infrastructure is based heavily on compatibility with the VFX Platform.

2) Yes. I understand it's an open meeting. Only TAC members can vote, but the calls are open for anyone to join in. Take a look at the list here for meeting announcements.



On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 9:39 AM <sreenivas9alapati@...> wrote:
I am excited to seen the initiative by the community to push towards open source. Congratulations to all the folks involved in setting up ASWF!

Two questions I have! 
* Going forward, VFX platform( will be moved under the umbrella of ASWF ? 
* Are the Wednesday TAC meetings open for all to join ? 


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