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Daniel Heckenberg

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the supportive feedback!

We have established vendor-approved mechanisms to automate download and build for the Maya SDK and for Houdini Apprentice which additionally allows for running tests.  The Foundry have indicated some support but that discussion is still in progress.

Some details, which I encourage others to correct to add to...

The Maya SDK (aka devkit) is directly downloadable. 

The Houdini download will require authentication but we plan to use Jenkins credential storage for an ASWF or OpenVDB project account.

Now that the OpenVDB project has been adopted and transferred into the ASWF we should be ready to start augmenting the CI with these components. 

Please lead the way, Dan!


On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 7:08 AM +1100, "Dan Bailey" <danbailey@...> wrote:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sending this around, this is a great overview.

I know vendor dependencies were discussed in a past meeting, but skimming the meeting notes, I can't seem to find the outcome of those discussions. Wondering what the plan is to build against libraries for Houdini, Maya, Nuke, etc in terms of EULAs and exactly how this will be exposed in Nexus?

Regarding CI for OpenVDB specifically, I don't see a problem with sticking to using VFX Reference Platform versions of dependencies. I suggest one of the next steps will be to match the existing build matrix used with Travis CI ( and the major component missing in ASWF Jenkins currently is building the Houdini plugins. 

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