Re: open-source DRM

Michael Hall

Keep in mind that DRM isn't about encryption, that's just a means to an end. DRM is about preventing piracy and enabling flexible pricing models. If you come up with a better way of encrypting the data, without giving a better outcome to those goals, then it's a non-starter. Likewise if you come up with a better way of achieving those goals that doesn't use encryption at all, that's something worth considering.

Michael Hall
On 08/11/2018 11:04 AM, jordanbrandes via Lists.Aswf.Io wrote:

I could be totally wrong and maybe this approach has already been considered but what about finding a way to put the content on a blockchain with multi-signature smart contracts? Granted the information would live on the blockchain but access is only granted through a mutual agreement and everyone else would be locked out. I know blockchains are a buzzword lately but I do see a lot of potential in their application. I'm not sure if what you're proposing is more for a full-fledged streaming service like Netflix or simply giving someone from the press access from home for a preview. I think the blockchain approach might work better for a preview rather than a full streaming service.

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