Re: OpenVDB Jenkins builds broken due to Boost Python not found

Thanh Ha

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 6:52 AM Aloys Baillet <aloys.baillet@...> wrote:
I've been setting up CentOS-7-based VFX Platform docker images there:
It's actually quite a nice way to go, I don't know how packer works exactly but these docker files can be reused to setup everything the right way for a centos-7 based build.

Packer is very similar in purpose to a Dockerfile. It's purpose is to create a reusable VM image, similar to how Dockerfile's purpose is to create a reusable container image. The reason we use Packer in CI is because our CI spins up VMs.

If folks find Docker to be more handy we could have a minimal Packer image that spins up a VM with Docker installed and then pulls down the Docker image to then run the build to achieve a docker based build. We have a few projects that do this today.


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