Re: ASWF CI Infrastructure: VFX Reference Platform Dependencies

Phil Parsonage


I'd love Foundry to be involved in this - we've spend some time on this sort of problem across all three operating systems this year, and have had some good results we'd be happy to share (though our infrastructure is slightly different to what's current in the foundation it's not a million miles off). I'm afraid I'll be in transmit tomorrow evening but happy a) react to any notes, or b) write up some notes of what we're currently doing to continue the discussion is helpful?


On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 11:59 AM Daniel Heckenberg <daniel.heckenberg@...> wrote:

As discussed at the last TAC meeting, we'll set up a working group to progress this, and I'd like to encourage involvement from the community.

For pragmatic reasons, I'll propose the same timeslot as the TAC meeting, on alternate weeks.  That would place our first meeting on Wednesday 31 at 1pm (US/ EDT).  Please indicate your interest and ability to attend at this time in the following doodle poll:


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