Re: OpenVDB Jenkins builds broken due to Boost Python not found

Thanh Ha

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 9:34 AM Trevor Thomson <tgt@...> wrote:
We're not using docker, but we're doing something conceptually similar to Aloys to set up our platforms.  We build the compiler, the VFX Platform libraries, and all their dependencies into unique directories per VFX Platform Year per DCC.  It's a little heavy-handed, but then the entire platform is available for use in one location.
- Trevor

I'm not sure how these dependencies are used within a build, but It's fairly easy to switch builders in our CI cloud. If single builds are going to run on a very specific configuration of the platform, I'd recommend creating separate clean images with exact library stacks for the tests such as an image per platform year. This ensures that when running a build that only the dependencies we are expecting for that build is being pulled in and it's not pulling in unexpected / undocumented dependencies.

Then the tests can pick the specific platforms it wants to run against at runtime.


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