ASWF themed Zoom backgrounds for community use

John Mertic

ASWF Community,

As we've all shifted to using virtual conferencing tools for our day-to-day interactions, and with tools such as Zoom allowing the user to introduce a virtual background to add flair to the meeting ( or maybe hide the makeshift office assembled ;-) ).

Talking with David Morin and others, there was interest in creating a way to showcase the foundation in these meetings. To help with that, we've created a set of ASWF themed Zoom backgrounds that one can use in their community or other meetings. These are open for anyone to freely use.

You can find the backgrounds in the ASWF Artwork repository at Let me know if you have any issues or feedback in using these backgrounds.

Thank you,

John Mertic
Director of Program Management - Linux Foundation
ASWF, ODPi, and Open Mainframe Project
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