Re: LUT Plugin API

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

Sorry for the delay in answering this...

Adding OCIO plugins is a really promising idea, which I'd like to
explore in the medium term. I particularly like that it would allow
for a clean partitioning of dependencies, and thus could be our window
to CTL support!

However, in the near team (before Jan) I'm a bit concerned about
mission creep, and would like to keep the project focused on getting
the simplest, cleanest, and fastest 1.0 implementation out the door.
And having a bit of experience with plugin APIs, if they're worth
doing at all they're usually worth doing right, so I'd like to make
sure we have the time to really focus on doing a thorough job.

-- Jeremy

On Aug 12, 9:11 am, Alan Jones <sky...@...> wrote:
Hi All,

I was thinking it'd be neat if OCIO provided an API for plugin LUTs
(i.e. libraries that perform a LUT - they could use formula or whatever
internally without any restrictions on syntax, outside of C++ of
course). Making the API SIMD compatible could also be worth

I thought this may have some benefits over a straight formula syntax
support. Particularly not requiring a syntax, the ability to use any
library out there, also would make it simple for someone to offload
to GPU and use built-in LUT support on those.

I'm thinking it'd still be referenced by an xml config the same as all
the others - just the source instead of myspace.lut would be



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