Re: How to install imageworks-OpenColorIO-v0.8.2-0 on Linux System

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>


Where are you getting this version of OCIO from? You are using
v0.8.2, which is very old. I'd recommend getting the latest from

which is 1.0.7.

Most major linux distros are supported. Which are you interested in?
I believe package configurations already exist for many linux distros,
which will make installation even easier.

-- Jeremy

On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 3:58 AM, Chellasundar Sundarajan
<chellas...@...> wrote:
Dear Sir / Madam,

Good Evening.

I have some doubt is there , I am try to install
imageworks-OpenColorIO-v0.8.2-0-gb95e0e4.tar.gz file on Linux OS (CentOS 6

But am unable to executable file ociobakelut Path is (/software/ocio/bin).

Kindly guide me and send me document for How to install
imageworks-OpenColorIO-v0.8.2-0 on Linux system.

And also which Linux Flavours support for this version installation ?

Thanks & Regards,
ChellaSundar SR
System Administrator
EFX - Prasad Corporation Ltd.

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