Re: How to install imageworks-OpenColorIO-v0.8.2-0 on Linux System

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The docs you link to are an outdated version on my fork of the project (the domain being, the up-to-date docs are at:

Richard - the Truelight thing you refer to is different - there's the full Truelight API based thing (TruelightTransform), which isn't built unless you enable it, and have the SDK. This allows you to load full Truelight profiles (which usually consist of a bunch of directories like "profile/", "display/", "lamp/", "recorder/" and so on)

There's also a simple .cub Truelight LUT format, which seems to be causing the problem here (it's always built, and has no external dependencies)

Problem being the Truelight .cub format only supports reading currently, "Truelight format. Shaper Lut + 3D. Full read support."

Is there another LUT format you can use? The .csp (CineSpace), .3dl (Autodesk), .hdl (Houdini/MPlay) currently support writing - the rest are read only I think

Adding write support for writing .cub LUT's should be pretty straight forward, it's just not been done yet.

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Dear Sir / Madam,

Good Morning.

Thanks for your Valuable Support.

I am try to convert a file .look format to truelight (.lut) format. Already
i was tried out Latest version of OpenColorIO-1.0.7-4.fc16.x86_64.rpm
(Fedora 16),

and also i was tried out OpenColorIO-1.0.7-4.el6.x86_64.rpm (Redhat EL 6)
but its not supported. Its showing Error is OCIO Error: Error baking
truelight:Format truelight does not support writing.

Then i was find out from the Web Site : Imageworks-OpenColorIO-v0.8.2
Version only Full Support for this Truelight conversion.

Hmm.. I didn't see any "version" information on that page. The problem
is that Truelight and NUKE are commercial products, which is why they
can't be included in the Fedora and EPEL versions, so yes, you'll have
to build it yourself, but rather than doing it manually I would
recommend downloading the source RPM and rebuilding it with rpmbuild.
This will give you an installable RPM so you don't have to manage
install locations and makes upgrades easier.

If you have Truelight installed it should pick it up automatically
(Jeremy correct me if I'm wrong!)


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