Re: rv integration

Jim Hourihan <jimho...@...>

Thanks for the info everybody. Sounds like:

* source_setup -> python (which is already in the queue)
* per-shot looks (CDL, etc)

So right now I'm thinking that anywhere rv currently has a LUT pipeline (pre-cache, file, look, display) there is an optional OCIO node instead -- you either use rv's LUT pipeline *or* OCIO. This would not include most of the color correction which currently happens after the file -> linear conversion so you can still use that with OCIO if you want to.

The intention would be to use GPU for file, look, and display and CPU for pre-cache. This seems like it would give you the most flexibility for OCIO combined with existing rv features.

The source_setup in python would be the starting point for you to hack the "rules" by which files are matched with OCIO color spaces. This would include importing the python OCIO module if you need to.

Sounds good?


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