Re: New CentOS5.8 64 bit build of Krita (with lut docker)

Barry Zubel <barry...@...>

Hi Boudewijn,

I've hooked a copy of this and will get it set up here so we can test it off.

I assume the OCIO bits rely on the OCIO env var to find the correct profile(s)?

Is OCIO rolled in, or do I need to compile that seperately as a dependency?



On 28/06/12 09:36, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
This is up to date with git master of yesterday and includes
the ocio-based lut docker. I tested on a clean centos5 64 bit vm and
everything worked.

To make the lut docker work, you need to have an OpenColorIO configuration
available. See for

Please report any issues you have with it: as I've said before, it hasn't
been used for real yet, so I am sure there are bugs and oversights.

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