Re: Siggraph Events

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

After feedback from the community, I think its probably simplest to
NOT have an OpenColorIO BOF this year. Given that we wont have the
opportunity to prepare a rockin' BOF presentation, and that people's
time Siggraph week is really precious, I think it makes the most sense
to meet instead at the already scheduled color events:

Tuesday 9 AM, 408A: "Cinematic Color", (with an informal hangout /
discussion immediately following)
Wednesday 7PM, Cork Bar. "Open Source VFX Beer of a Feather".

Next year I promise to put together an awesome OCIO BOF, something at
least twice as good as usual. ;)

And stay tuned for some really exciting announcements post-siggraph,
concerning commercial apps which will soon have native OCIO support.


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