Re: Problems with displaying exposure

Boudewijn Rempt <bo...@...>

On Thursday 22 November 2012 Nov, Andrew Hunter wrote:

> Hey Boudewijn,


> Sounds like the exposure function affecting the alpha channel. Alpha is

> usually normalized to 0 - 1, so it would make sense if positive exposure

> adjustments are clamped.


Yes -- that's what I figured. Unfortunately, I don't know why -- or rather, I don't know why that doesn't happen with the ocio display demo app. The code in Krita is pretty much the same, down to the same generated LUT -- and the shader calls the OCIODisplay method to calculate the color:


const char * m_fragShaderText = ""


"uniform sampler2D tex1;\n"

"uniform sampler3D tex2;\n"


"void main()\n"


" vec4 col = texture2D(tex1, gl_TexCoord[0].st);\n"

" gl_FragColor = OCIODisplay(col, tex2);\n"



I must be missing something else.


Boudewijn Rempt,,


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