SceneLinear to LogC into an ICC profile

Andrew Britton <cbsd....@...>

A question about converting from scene linear to ARRI LogC via an icc profile:

when I use ociobakelut I'm wondering how to create an icc file that will be a viewing profile for a scenelinear image, to view it in LogC. My assumptions are as follows with a question about the direction of a LUT.

First I'm assuming this will be the proper command for creating said ICC profile:
ociobakelut --inputspace lnf --lut ln_2_logC.3dl --format icc /path/finalPath/LogC_Viewer.icc

So the question I have when making the ln_2_logC.3dl is which direction should the LUT be created? ie... should the .cube be created to convert from SceneLinear to LogC or vice versa? My apologies if this seems obvious, and my assumption is that the .cube should be from SceneLinear to LogC, but I'm confused as to why there would need to be an --inputspace predefined if it's already in the .3dl LUT. In this case of converting a .3dl to a .icc, I would expect the command to only need one .3dl file.

Thank you,

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