Re: Rendering per-shot grades with ocioconvert

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It would be easy to add an "ocioconvert --look blah" argument. Made a ticket for that:

I think ocioconvert is mainly intended as an example of how to use the OCIO API (as is ociodisplay), and facilities would tend to have their own comperable tool.. so it's not necessarily updated with new features (unless they are requested, as you have done!)

That is also one of the reasons there's quite so little documentation on it (along with the usual reasons for lack of documentation!). Ticket for that:

As for a workaround, you could define a colorspace which applies your look, something like:

  - !<ColorSpace>
    name: lookworkaround
    to_reference: !<GroupTransform>
        - !<LookTransform> {src: lnf, dst: lnf, looks: "maingradelook,secondlook"}
        - !<FileTransform> {src: blah.spi3d, interpolation: linear}
        - !<ColorSpaceTransform> {src: lnf, dst: lg10}

Then do:
$ ocioconvert in.exr lnf out.exr lookworkaround

(haven't tested the above ColorSpace, and it's been months since I've written a config, but that should give you the general idea..)

On 05/12/2012, at 9:29 AM, Blake Sloan wrote:

Apologies if this is a repeat question:

Ocioconvert takes an input and output colorspace from the current ocio.config and applies a transform to an input image.

Is it possible to apply a look as well? Would that require adding a colorspace to ocio.config? Or is it even possible?

Also, ocioconvert in ocio 1.0.7 appears to be not very well documented. 

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