Re: icc profile for photoshop

Andrew Britton <andrew.d...@...>

There are one, or two, more steps that need to be performed in Photoshop so that you can see the .icc in action. Unfortunately these aren't documented on the link. 
I can write it up and email it if you're interested. 


On Dec 11, 2012, at 4:06 AM, dbr/Ben <dbr....@...> wrote:

That's correct! This guide should hopefully explain everything:

If you have access to a Linux machine, you could run ociobakelut on that, then copy the ICC profile to the Windows machine.

It's definitely possible to build on Windows, but building on Linux (or OS X) can be easier - it's been documented, and more widely tested

On 11/12/2012, at 10:20 PM, singha...@... wrote:

I am to compile ocio for windows. Before i do that certain questions crop in my mind.

correct me if i am wrong. Going thru the notes. I understand that to view images in a color space in photoshop I need to make icc profile.
and that too using ociobakelut.

iow, after compiling ocio for windows, one of the products ociobakelut will help create this icc profile from command line.

Is that it to it or is there something more. How exactly does this process go.



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