Re: icc profile in photoshop

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

You are correct.

To use ocio with photoshop, the current recommended workflow is to
bake out an icc profile.
Note: you MUST specify --description, this is what shows up in
photoshop when the icc profile is loaded.

The output ICC profiles are cross platform. At Imageworks, we
generate them on linux and the distribute to Mac and Windows machines
for usage.

Note that in recent versions of Photoshop you can specify the use of a
3d-lut as an adjustment layer. (such as a 3dl file). We have found
this to be not as preferable a workflow as going the ICC route. When
an icc profile is selected, UI elements like the colorpicker / color
swatches show the transformed appearance. When an adjustment layer is
used, this behavior is not possible.

-- Jeremy

On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 3:59 AM, <singha...@...> wrote:
I am to compile ocio for windows. Before i do that certain questions crop in
my mind.

correct me if i am wrong. Going thru the notes. I understand that to view
images in a color space in photoshop I need to make icc profile.
and that too using ociobakelut.


after compiling ocio for windows, one of the products ociobakelut will help
create this icc profile from command line.

if I compile ocio in linux, the icc profile created there will still be
useful for photoshop for windows.

Is that it to it or is there something more. How exactly does this process


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