Re: Rendering per-shot grades with ocioconvert

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

I'm happy to roll your changes into public ocioconvert.

My only concern would be to confirm the new additions do not modify
any prior existing behaviors. (There are other facilities who have
rolled out pipelines based on ocioconvert, and I'd like to make it
compatible if possible).

This should be easy to confirm; by all means submit a pull request.

-- Jeremy

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 10:43 AM, bsloan <bsl...@...> wrote:
This is veering from the original thread a bit but for various reasons,
oiiotool seems not to be able to do the proper combination of things that we

Our own Andrew Wood has made what he describes as a 20 line modification to
ocioconvert that does the trick (by snarfing some DNA from oiiotool). I've
added the help text below to give an idea of the added functionality.

What is your feeling about rolling this change into the next iteration of
OCIO? We can provide the modified source file (or create a fork in GIT).
Your answer will influence our decision whether to fork and rename
ocioconvert as a new internal tool or to continue to regard it as a 3rd
party tool.

Once again, big acknowledgement to the community of OCIO developers (and
Jeremy). Sincere thanks.

these are the new options:

--croptofull name=Crop or pad to make pixel data region match
the "full" region
--keepchannels %d name=keep first n channels

here's the new full help:
OpenImageIO options
--float-attribute %L name=float pair defining OIIO float attribute
--int-attribute %L name=int pair defining OIIO int attribute
--string-attribute %L name=string pair defining OIIO string attribute
--croptofull name=Crop or pad to make pixel data region match
the "full" region
--keepchannels %d name=keep first n channels

On Tuesday, December 4, 2012 2:59:08 PM UTC-8, bsloan wrote:

Apologies if this is a repeat question:

Ocioconvert takes an input and output colorspace from the current
ocio.config and applies a transform to an input image.

Is it possible to apply a look as well? Would that require adding a
colorspace to ocio.config? Or is it even possible?

Also, ocioconvert in ocio 1.0.7 appears to be not very well documented.

Nag, nag nag.

Thanks again,


--transcribed from fMRI data using Google Thought Engine

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