Development Priorities?

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>


If you're considering using OpenColorIO in the near term, we would
greatly appreciate it if you would respond and let us know which of
the topics below you personally consider to be most important.
Perhaps reply with the top 5 items you care about?

(Note: We plan on addressing all of these issues, but would love to
get a sense of what's holding people up in the short term).

If there's an important task that isn't represented on this list, please add it!


-- Jeremy


Fall 2010 OpenColorIO Development Topics:

- Quickstart Guide
- End User (Artist) Docs
- Developer API Docs
- Color Config Authoring Docs

Facility Integration
- Support for additional lut formats (import)
- Support for lut export
- 3rd party app plugins
<Your App Here!>

"Real" Color Configurations
- Flesh out the existing ocio configs (spi-anim,spi-vfx) for real use
- Add a example ACES ocio config
- Add a config that emulates the default nuke color configuration
- Add example color config authoring scripts
- Document 'best practice' for each config, and provide workflow
examples with imagery

Core Library:
- Unit testing / correctness validation
- Overall performance optimization

Issues deferred until after 1.0 (tentatively Jan '11):
- Dynamic Color API (OCIO Plugin API)
- Live CDL Support

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