Re: Review: Visual Studio 2010 compile fix Edit

dbr/Ben <dbr....@...>

On 18/12/2012, at 9:00 AM, Richard Shaw wrote:
My github-fu isn't good enough. How would I go about getting a patch
from the pull request so I can test it?

Add the pull-request-creator's repo as a remote, and fetch the changes

    $ git remote add frederik git://
    $ git fetch frederik

Then either check out the branch temporarily (in "detatched HEAD mode"):

    $ git checkout frederik/visual-studio-2010-compile-fix

Or as a tracking branch, which makes a new local branch connected to the remote:

    $ git checkout -t frederik/visual-studio-2010-compile-fix

Or, if you want an actual ye ol' patch, you can append ".patch" to the Github URL:

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