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On 25/12/2012, at 7:43 PM, Nishith Singhai wrote:
2) what is the way to measure that output from nuke after applying lut is looking same as that of after effects. is there a measuring tool or is it based on the observation only.
I found the most effective way is to run both applications on the same machine. Load the same image, and compare the two by toggling between each application (alt+tab or cmd+tab)

It's easy to align the images (with a bit of panning and zooming), so you can get a good A/B comparison between the applications.

If you can't run the two applications on the same host, connecting the two machines to the same monitor is the next best thing (but switching can take a few seconds, which makes a comparison hard). Failing that, you could try screenshoting both applications, or something like the "DigitalColor Meter" app on OS X, but these both introduce more steps that can go wrong

As Brendan said, the most likely culprit is the applications interpreting the source footage differently.. A 16-bit TIFF version of a test image (e.g Marcie!) is usually a good place to start, as most applications tend to load them without any unexpected conversions

Start of by checking the "raw" image is displayed the same in both applications, disabling any custom viewer-LUT's. When that matches, compare the LUT's.

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