Re: Apply color transformation on images containing a single channel

Mark Boorer <mark...@...>

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your quick reply!

Unfortunately, it seems that PlanarImageDesc also requires at least 3 channels of data. I tried passing it NULL pointers for the other, non existing channels, though it complains at runtime that "Valid ptrs must be passed for all 3 image rgb color channels".

I guess I can construct dummy 0 arrays for the other channels, but that seems like a waste of resources. Do you have any other ideas?


On Thursday, April 11, 2013 1:59:55 PM UTC+10, Jeremy Selan wrote:
If your image is packed separately per channel (ex:  RRRRRRR... GGGGG... BBBB.... ), the Planar ImageDesc is probably what you're looking for. Give that a try?

PlanarImageDesc(float * rData, float * gData, float * bData, float * aData,
                        long width, long height,
                        ptrdiff_t yStrideBytes = AutoStride);

Note that the float * for alpha is optional, so if you are only loading RGB you can pass a NULL ptr for that.

-- Jeremy

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 8:36 PM, Mark Boorer <mar...@...> wrote:

In my application, images are split into their separate channels, and operations are performed per channel. I have individual float arrays for each channel (obtained via openimageio), and I would like to perform a colorspace transformation to each, preferably without joining them together.
I noticed that the PackedImageDesc docs say it ignores channels > 4, is there an easy way in the c++ library to provide a float array, and specify which channel it contains to perform the transformation?

Something like:

OCIO::PackedImageDesc img(data, w, h, 1, "R");


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