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Unfortunately the ability to layer ocio configurations isnt implemented yet, though we do consider it a really good idea.  See this existing issue for more information, or to add your thoughts:

In the meantime, we handle this at SPI using python scripts to build configurations for each show. The code is generally similar to this...

Not quite as elegant as being dynamically read on the fly, but it has suited our needs to a high enough degree that this has been a low priority for us in the interim.

-- Jeremy

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 12:41 PM, <natha...@...> wrote:
Hey all,

I hope I'm not spawning a duplicate discussion thread; I did some searching around, but couldn't find anything.

I'm wondering if there has been any discussion about allowing multiple config files to be used to build a single runtime configuration by layering multiple (possibly sparse) definitions on disk. Similar to the PATH environment variable, the final configuration would be built from the "bottom" of the OCIO variable's path list up, allowing files of higher precedence to replace existing definitions within the configuration (to facilitate overrides), as well as add items to it. One goal of this would be to make it easy to propagate changes to "static" pieces of a core OCIO configuration across many shows.

How are people currently handling the possibility of changes to what might be considered the "core" of your OCIO configuration? One option seems to be to have the build script for each show's configuration load a "baseline" config and then amend it or replace certain items (assuming this is possible)...

Thanks for any thoughts,


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