Re: Thoughts on layering of multiple config files

Mark Boorer <mark...@...>


Apologies for bumping an old discussion, but I'm in looking for a similar set of features to the ones Nathan described, and as the discussion seemed to have fizzled out, I wanted to show my interest.

I would also like to have the OCIO env var behave like the $PATH variable, and be able to override parts of the resolved OCIO::Config in further, subsequent config.ocio files.

As long as each config file was also able to stand alone, the only real roadblock seems to be that the Config object currently holds a context, which looks like it's only used by the FileTransform.

Is it possible to have the FileTransformation instances contain their own context? So if they are overridden later when the next config is loaded, then the new ones will work with the new paths, and the old ones would continue to work with their old paths.

I'm quite interested in getting this functionality, specifically to override roles on a show / shot level, and would be happy to implement the required changes.


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