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Neither of those can really be determined automatically from the LUT file alone

Determining the interpolation requires visually inspecting the results of the LUT on various images.. but using linear as a default is probably a good approach if you have to

You could potentially determine the bitdepth of the LUT by checking the range of the values (for integer-based LUT formats like 3dl), but not in a general sense - e.g a LUT which stores values as floating point (e.g spi1d I think, or definitely the Cinespace CSP format)

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I'm new to OCIO and this forum, and I have what I think is probably a pretty common issue, although after searching for a solution for a couple days, I haven't come up with anything.

My problem is that I am receiving pre-generated LUTs from vendors, mostly in the form of .cube and .spi1d files, and I would like to integrate them into our custom config.ocio.

Is there an established way to extract the required information from these files so I can populate the colorspace definitions in my config?

Most of the fields can be determined, but bitdepth and interpolation are often not defined.  Is there a way to figure this out from the information in the LUT?

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