An Academy Award for OpenColorIO!

Rob Bredow <r...@...>

Jeremy Selan will be awarded an Academy Award for his work on OpenColorIO at the Academy's annual Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation on Saturday, February 15. This is a huge honor for OpenColorIO and a recognition of the strength of this open source community which has been essential to OpenColorIO's success.

From the press release:

To Jeremy Selan for the development of the OpenColorIO color management framework. 
OpenColorIO is an open source framework that enables consistent color visualization of motion picture imagery across multiple facilities and numerous software applications.

You can read the complete press release online and see the rest of the awardees as well.

Congratulations to Jeremy who will be receiving his second Sci-Tech Award, and to everyone here who has helped contribute to the success of OpenColorIO!


Rob Bredow

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