Re: New header, 0.5.0, now posted

Larry Gritz <l...@...>

Random questions:

What is the role of the 'direction' parameter to
ApplyColorSpaceTransform? Why would the user not just reverse the
InputColorSpace and OutputColorSpace parameter ordering to get the
reverse transformation?

Any reason why 'long' rather than 'int' in so many places? (I'm not
necessarily objecting, just curious.)

Any role for OpenCL in addition to GLSL and Cg?

Do you think "FilmLook" might seem anachronistic in the future or hurt
adoption in non-film pipelines? DisplayLook? OutputLook?

Is it long/redundant to have ApplyASCColorCorrectionTransform,
ApplyFilmlookTransform, etc? If they were all called ApplyTransform,
they could still be distinguished by the argument types
(ASCColorCorrection& vs FilmLook&, etc.). A matter of style, not
critical, just bringing it up in case others prefer to avoid names
that are extra long only because they have redundancy in the naming
and arguments.

stride_t -- you never define. Either change to ptrdiff_t, or typedef
them and use stride_t everywhere.

ImageView will surely need pixel accessor methods.

What does ColorSpace::isData() do?

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