Re: Reversed transform for a OCIO::DisplayTransform

Piotr Stanczyk <piotr.s...@...>

From what I remember, you can do this if the transforms are analytical. If you are referring to a baked in file based one then you will have to provide your own from for that. 


On 11 April 2014 10:24, Dmitry Kazakov <dimu...@...> wrote:
Hi, all!

I am a developer of Krita [0] painting application and we use OCIO for displaying wide range images. I'm having a bit of a problem now. Since we are a painting application, we need to be able not only to display a color on screen (which we do using DisplayTransform), but also to pick an already displayed color back into app (for usage in color selectors or for drag-and-dropped colors). So, effectively, I need to get a reversed transform for a DisplayTransform. But it seems to be explicitly prohibited (it throws an exception in the case). I'm wondering, is it possible to get a reversed transform for a DisplayTransform without reimplementing it completely using GroupTransform?

Thank you in advance!

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Dmitry Kazakov

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