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Just a suggestion but you may want to consider a branch structure similar to the one described here. 

We use a paired down version of this for a ACES and it works quite well. 


On Friday, July 18, 2014, Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...> wrote:
Up until now we've been running OpenColorIO with myself as the "Benevolent Dictator". This has seemed appropriate for the early stages of OCIO's life where development was fairly dynamic and we had a smaller community of users. As OCIO now has wider adoption and is relied on in a large number of applications, we're opening up the management of the project to include the following developers who are now tasked as official OpenColorIO project leaders and administrators:

  Malcolm Humphreys
  Robert Molholm
  Brian Hall
  Matthias Scharfenberg
  Mark Boorer

I'll be staying on as well to continue to guide the project but since my new day job doesn't involve using OCIO every day, we wanted to ensure we have an empowered group of project leads. In the absence of an alternative formal governance model*, I'll continue to act as the tie-breaker if there is disagreement on any critical steps. That said, I expect we'll continue to have strong consensus going forward.

As many of you have noticed we have quite the backlog of open pull requests and issues:

Our hope is that by empowering a wider group of leaders that we'll be able to make robust progress on both of these fronts.

The next big challenge in my mind is continuing to balance the dual goals of continued feature development, while also preserving a stable API / robust library that by pipeline necessity must be bullet-proof version to version. Perhaps now would be a good time to fork a stable 1.X branch vs a developer branch?


* See for some interesting discussions on more formalized open source governance models.

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