Re: Nuke colorconfig - View "None" is "raw" in OCIO


"This applies only to non-linear input colorspaces" => not non-linear, all colorspaces except Linear.

Den onsdagen den 23:e juli 2014 kl. 09:07:28 UTC+2 skrev mikae...@...:

Not really - it happens outside Nuke using the ocio GPU support:

displayTransform->setInputColorSpace( "sRGB" )
displayTransform->setDisplay( "display" )
displayTransform->setView( "None" )
+ LUT data and GPU shader generation

This applies only to non-linear input colorspaces, if None is set as view then the input colorspace will not transformed to linear, right?

I modified the Nuke profile:

    - !<View> {name: None, colorspace: linear} <= instead of raw

To match the viewerProcess drop-down in nuke. With this setup you'll get a linear representation if None is used as view (in this example sRGB => linear).

I may not be right here :-) but I hope so. Guess it's more of a question about when the actual color transformation happens in nuke and ocio.


Den onsdagen den 23:e juli 2014 kl. 01:33:31 UTC+2 skrev Mark Boorer:
Hi Mikael,

Just trying to see if I'm understanding your issue correctly. When using the OCIO Display node inside of Nuke (with the OCIO environment variable pointing to the nuke-default/config.ocio and the viewer transform set to "None") You are getting "raw" as the default input colorspace?

Would you mind letting me know the versions of Nuke / OCIO / OpenColorIO-Configs you are using?

At the moment, I can't seem to replicate the issue on Nuke8.0v5, with, and using the master branch of OpenColorIO-Configs. I see "linear" by default as expected.


On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 10:21 AM, <mikae...@...> wrote:
I'm doing automated slap-comps to check render output in sRGB/Cineon and scene-linear, if I use the nuke profile and "None" as the view for the default display the profile returns "raw". It should be linear to match Nuke, right?

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