Re: Windows Build

Tobias Pfeiffer <pixeld...@...>

thanks a lot for this!

Am Montag, 21. Oktober 2013 17:15:40 UTC+2 schrieb Marie Fétiveau:

Hello !

OpenColorIO.dll and ociobakelut.exe :
Built with msvc10 on win7 (64 bits).

No time right now to do a full build but I'll try next time I'm on Windows.



On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 1:54 AM, Jeremy Selan <jere...@...> wrote:
Does anyone have an OCIO build already made for Windows that they're
willing to share?

Specifically, we're interested most in the OpenColorIO.dll and
ociobakelut.exe, but it would be great to get ALL the command-line
utilities if available.


-- Jeremy

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