Re: Review: Inital pass at searchpath impl

Kevin Wheatley <kevin.j....@...>

When I looked at trying to use per-shot grades last, I ended up with the limitation that you couldn't dynamically determine the representation which meant you could not have say a 3D LUT for one shot and a CDL for another.

Something that I did manage to make work was a layering approach allowing a top level look to be published, followed by more specific sequence and under that shot grades, although that didn't scale well it involved well structuring paths and names of files and using the search path capability to find the right one - needless to say this was a very twisted approach to achieving this - it didn't handle multiple versions of looks/grades, which combined with the fact that vendor supplied applications don't necessarily fully expose the OCIO capabilities meant I gave up and did something  less twisted.

As for per shot variables with edited timelines, I was utilizing the config overrides to replace environment variable settings, this worked great in Nuke and other similar applications where this is exposed, but lots of tools don't expose the feature for instance heiro/heiroplayer would be a suitable place to do this.


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