Re: ACES OCIO configs, testing and feedback

Dithermaster <dither...@...>

I'm looking forward to updates to this config, especially when it includes the existing IDTs.

Once comment so far: You don't need a LUT to convert between ACES and ACESproxy; OpenColorIO can do it more accurately (and likely faster) using an AllocationTransform:

        - !<AllocationTransform> {allocation: lg2, vars: [-9.72, 7.8], direction: inverse} # ACESproxy Annex C to ACES

        - !<AllocationTransform> {allocation: lg2, vars: [-9.72, 7.8]} # ACES to ACESproxy Annex C

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 4:19 PM, Haarm-Pieter Duiker <li...@...> wrote:
Hello OCIO developers and users,

The Academy is moving towards an official 1.0 release of ACES this fall. As part of that development effort, we are looking at the best way to support ACES through OCIO. Building on Alex Fry's earlier work, we have automated the generation of OCIO configs based on the transforms defined in CTL for a given release. Links to the configs representing the latest working group release follow this message.

We are hoping to get your feedback on the following items
  • The new ACES configs
    • What features should we include?
    • What's missing? (IDTs right now, for instance)
  • ACES overall
    • What's blocking adoption as we move towards 1.0
If you are interested in the scripts that were used to generate these configs, let me know and those can be made available.

Thanks in advance for your help,
HP Duiker
Consultant for the Academy on ACES
Duiker Research

Example configs for the latest working group release, WGR8, are available for private evaluation here:

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