Re: ACES OCIO configs, testing and feedback

Francois Lord <franco...@...>

Yes, and I suspect we will continue to receive camera native material for a while. VFX houses will adopt ACES more quickly than production houses.

Would it be a good idea to include profiles for Rec.2020 so that we can easily convert CG renderings to and from ACES when working with the ocio config?

On Wed Nov 05 2014 at 4:53:54 PM Steve Agland <sag...@...> wrote:
On 6 November 2014 06:56, Haarm-Pieter Duiker <li...@...> wrote:

Could you provide some example of when and how you would use the IDTs with OCIO? From a number of other sources, we're hearing that most IDTs will be applied by the Camera SDKs / toolsets so most OCIO-supporting applications will interact with ACES, ACESproxy or ACESlog images rather than images in the camera raw color spaces.

It's not uncommon to receive external material in camera color spaces and to want to ingest them using the same OCIO-supporting tools that are used for color management internally. That could be scripts, command-line utilities or apps like Nuke. Having the IDTs in OCIO just makes that easier, even though the rest of the pipeline won't necessarily use those transforms.

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