Re: New header, 0.5.0, now posted

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

ApplyColorSpaceTransform does not use the roles.

GetHWFilmlook does. For example, if the fStopExposure arg is
specified, the exposure is adjusted internally in the SCENE_LINEAR
space (as specified by the role). If an ASCColorCorrection is
specified, this occurs in ROLE_COLOR_TIMING colorspace.

Additionally, plugins often rely on them. In our current Nuke
plugin, we have a LogConvert node that essentially does
ApplyColorSpaceTransform between ROLE_SCENE_LINEAR and
ROLE_COMPOSITING_LOG. This is convenient as end-user compositors
often know they want a 'Log Convert', but dont really want to concern
themselves with the specifics for which conversions to use.

I will update the header docs to make the functions which rely on
roles more obvious.

Would you agree with this concept? Assigning 'roles' at a high level
really is useful for a facility, but it's a slippery slope for sure in
having too many of them, and/or making them too facility specific.

The alternative would be to expose the roles as additional arguments.
(For example, in the HW filmlook exposure call an arg would be to
explicitly pass in the fstop exposure colorspace).

-- Jeremy

On Apr 22, 11:03 am, Rod Bogart <bog...@...> wrote:
Is the ColorSpace "role" just a database sorting tag, or does the
"role" impact the internal process of conversion?


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