ACES 1.0 released

Haarm-Pieter Duiker <li...@...>


The ACES 1.0 Developer Release is officially available! Full product information can be found on the revamped website, To give you a preview, the ACES 1.0 release includes the following components:
  • Core ACES color transformation implemented in the Color Transformation Language (CTL)
  • Documentation on the expected use of these transforms
  • Technical specifications for other ACES core components
  • Documentation for implementers and end users
  • Test images in a variety of color encodings and formats, demonstrating the results of applying core ACES transformations
  • An OpenColorIO (OCIO) configuration package for core ACES transforms
The components of the ACES release can be found here
    Thanks for your feedback on the needs of the ACES OCIO config in particular and the system in general.

    Please take a look at the source code, documentation, configs and let us know what you think. Send in feedback on this list, the ACES Google Group or the direct email ac...@... address.

    Thanks again for all the feedback. Please keep it coming.

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