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Merging/hierarchical configs have been discussed in the past, but I suspect will not happen any time soon (it is a difficult problem to solve)

The best solution/alternative I am aware of is to generate your configs via a Python script. For example have a function which produces your base OCIO.Config object, then a function which does show-specific modifications and writes out a show-specific config

That way you have a single source for all your common colorspaces etc, while still preserving a self-contained config.ocio for each show

There is examples of creating configs from Python in the OpenColorIO-configs repository
- Ben

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On 29 Apr 2015, at 12:30, lucien...@... wrote:

Hi guys,

How can I set up my pipeline so I have multiple config file building my color management profile.

The idea is to have config at facility level and then have show specific but that would add to the facility level config.

I hope that makes sense.

The bottleneck for me is the OCIO env is not a ':' seperated list of path but pointing to a file only.

Anyone has a workaround?



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