Re: LUT for linear exr to rec709

Andrew Britton <andrew.d...@...>

You should be able to create a LUT from that generator that performs both operations. Have you tried these settings?

Load preset - Advanced

"Camera Data"
Gamma - Normalized sensor linear
Range - Extended

"Conversion Parameters"
Scaling - Photometric

"Image Destination"
Gamma - video
Range - legal

"LUT Parameters"
3D - Forced
Bits - 16
File Format - Nuke (makes a .cube file if I remember right which maya/VRay can use)


On Nov 11, 2015, at 5:07, Matt Keith <mttk...@...> wrote:

Hello all.

We are trying to adopt a more complete linear work flow in the 3D department of the vfx company that I work for.

The problem that we currently have is that 3D software ( in our case Maya rendering with Vray) renders out linear exr files. In order to use any of the LUT that are generated by the Arri LUT generator, ( I need to apply a "pre" LUT to convert my linear renders into logc images that the arri LUT is expecting. Does anyone know how I can go about doing that?

Any advice greatfully recieved.

Kind regards,

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