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Mark Boorer <mark...@...>

Hi Mark,

We have a number of large changes about to land in the public repository, and whilst I know it's frustrating to see the repo stagnant, by no means is the project dead.
My current goal is to put our humungous patch out into the public domain, seek feedback, and then assess how that affects the state of the existing pull requests / issues.
This patch should tackle a number of outstanding issues, primarily the plugin arcitecture, differences between the GPU and CPU code-paths, better unit testing, improved CMake code for cross platform builds, documentation, and repository structure. There are others working on new file-format plugins whose work I am hoping to integrate soon.

In addition, there is also a large amount of organisation happening behind-the-scenes to do with our official ACES implementation on the config side of things.

I am working towards having this ready for feedback by the new year, and once this is done we will hopefully see a lot more activity in the open again.


On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 3:31 PM, Mark Visser <mvi...@...> wrote:
Hi all, 

Development in the main imageworks/OpenColorIO branch seems to have stalled. The last commit is from September, 2014, and the number of issues and pull requests continues to grow.

What do folks think about creating an OpenColorIO github organization and centralizing development there? I know there are several active forks at other studios, but looking at the official repo and web site, the project would appear to be dead. I don't imagine downstream maintainers will pull from anywhere but the official repo, so any fixes and features made in other forks won't show up in Nuke/Maya/RV/etc.


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