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simon smith <si.c....@...>

Could you also add HDR Light Studio v5.0+ ( as compatible software too please.

We ship the OCIO configs with the main application to allow users to convert source image data into linear color space, to generated final content in the supported output color space, and also the internal views can be mapped via the native support for OpenColorIO on the appropriate display toolbars.

  Simon C. Smith
   CTO and Co-Founder Lightmap LTD.

On Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 6:11:50 PM UTC+1, Alexandre Gauthier wrote:

Could you add Natron ( as compatible software on the corresponding page on ?
It is made compatible in a very similar way to how Nuke nodes do it. 
The following nodes are available: OCIOCDLTransform, OCIOColorSpace, OCIODisplay, OCIOFileTransform, OCIOLookTransform, OCIOLogConvert

All OCIO configs are bundled in Natron (Aces 1.0, Blender, Nuke-default,Spi-Anim, Spi-Vfx). They can be selected in the Preferences of the application, and the Blender profile is set as default.



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