Re: OpenColorIO stewardship

Andy Jones <andy....@...>

Bumping this, specifically WRT ACES 1.0 in the configs.  It would be great to get some kind of (hopefully short) timeline on that.  The configs in Nuke seem to be some ancient checkout of the examples, and we'd like to pressure them to bring them up to date for their next release.  We'd really like to see ACES 1.0 included in that update.  It seems like there's a chance Nuke might end up pulling from HP's github if the update doesn't happen soon, but I would imagine it's in everyone's best interest to keep everything pointed at the original repo.

If there's a big refactor of the configs going on for the major release mentioned above, perhaps it's worth making a branch and merging HP's ACES 1.0 config into master until that's ready?  Even if the configs are likely to need to change with the updates, it seems like places may need a legacy ACES 1.0 config for a while, until the future library makes its way into the apps.

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